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With so many choices in preschool these days, how can we be confident to say “we are the right fit” for your child?


Our mission is to provide children the tools to promote social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and cognitive growth.

Our approach to education is inspired by a combination of the High Scope curriculum infused with elements of the Reggio Emilia approach to learning.

  • It Feels Like Play

    Through Block Play children learn to problem solve, expand imagination, build self esteem, develop social emotional skill sets and mathematics such as comparison, length, and balance to name a few.

  • Environmentalists at heart

    By staying away from the regular “cookie cutter” type materials commonly found in most preschool, our use of non-common recycled materials in our Atelier (art room) allows a wider range of creative freedom. It also builds appreciation for the environment and lessens waste.

  • Keeping the Child in Mind

    Intentional and thoughtful architecture from the start such as, child sized sinks, bathrooms, and classroom shelving, builds confidence and a strong sense of independence in the children.

  • It has to be Real

    “Eco friendly and real” is how parents describe our outdoor natural playscape. We believe children should be able to experience the outdoors in its natural state. They should be able to see birds nesting, find insects, plant a garden, experiment, theorize an interact with the environment hands on.

  • Walls become teachers

    Each child progresses at a different rate than the other. By constant exposure and immersion in a content rich environment of words, letters, and documentation they naturally learn to write, read and express themselves in their own time and at their own pace; all without forcing them before they are developmentally ready.

  • Happy Children

    Respect for the child, a commitment to the profession, and creating relationships with parents and caregivers, allows us to build a community of learners, teachers and truly happy children.

What Our Parents Have to Say

We Are a Bilingual Preschool

(3-12 Months)

Providing your little one with love in a nurturing environment, allows them to make meaningful connections with our educators at this early stage.

Early Toddler
(1-2 Years)

Encouraging sharing, friendship and socialization while introducing students to various academic concepts such as math, language and spatial recognition.

(2-3 Years)

Through class group play math concepts are solidified; a print rich environment reinforces language, and certified educators scaffold them along the way.

(3-4 Years)

We provide quality interaction with their environment in which the walls become a “third teacher” helps build the foundation for future advancement.

(4 Years)

Through the VPK program, we reinforce hands on experiments, explorations and interactions guided by the standards needed for the child's future placement.

(2+ Years)

Through the use of Ballet techniques, Cooking experiences and Art, the learning experience is extended and concepts are re-imagined and reinforced.

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Enrichment Programs

Through the use of Ballet, Cooking and Art, the learning experience is extended and concepts are re-imagined and reinforced


Creative expression through movement is powerful for children. Self expression really shines through dance and the children really enjoy the experience. Learn More

LNP Cooks it Up!

Picky eaters beware! You are really going to love this! Hands on and interactive cooking classes while expanding their sensory experience through taste. Learn More


There is almost no easier way for a child to express themselves than through art. They’ll be introduced to various media/art styles, while developing their own. Learn More

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