We invite you to participate

We support this by providing a continuous flow of resources, trainings and support to aid in your ongoing endeavors to raise a little one with a love for learning. We enjoy your participation within the school as we work together towards the same goals and aspirations for your child.

Morning Circle

The perfect child, parent and teacher bonding time. With the involvement of the parent, the children sing songs and get more comfortable with each other and their surroundings. This is our usual start to each day which also allows the child to transition easier as they see the close knit relationship between their parent and school. Sometimes the parents are enjoying themselves so much that it is hard to get them out!

Harvest luncheon

Our Annual Harvest luncheon is a time that parents get to know each other better and develop healthy relationships that not only benefits them, but their child and their peers. It allows us to “slow down and take a breath” in an otherwise fast paced life here in Miami; and what better way to do this than with great food! Our school is a community of diverse individuals with varying backgrounds and cultures and so we use this time to celebrate the differences that brings us together.


Various fundraising events are conducted throughout the year with the help and coordination of the parents. With the allocation of collected funds going towards: Field trips, new materials, and community projects to name a few.

Annual Spring Show & VPK Graduation

Our annual show is done with a focus on honoring the “graduating” class. It has a very festive air about it and is just another way we build relationship between families and children.

Annual BBQ
Parent Cook Off Competition

This annual event is like no other! The LNP families and teachers gather together in different teams to do a well-planned cook off competition. This is LNP’s version of Chopped BBQ style. By popular demand, the parents can hardly wait for the next one to come.

Winter Show

In honor of the holiday spirit, the children put a show for our LNP families at a local venue; typically theater style. There’s no better way to get ready for the festivities than by having the opportunity to see your child on stage bogeying down!

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