3 months - 12 months

When it comes to babies it seems many believe they are only to be fed, changed and put to sleep. Not at LNP! Our teachers interact in meaningful ways and using various materials to give them an early exposure to textures, sounds, socialization and communication. Daily documentation reveals the milestones being accomplished by your little one. Our secret is simple: Care and love in a nurturing environment produces happy babies.

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Early Toddler

1 year - 2 years

Socialization starts early! The concepts of sharing, group play and language are introduced. They start to develop their fine and gross motor skills and simple math concepts came into play through the use of blocks, grouping and other materials.

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2 years - 3 years

As they grow into this stage the interactive materials change to match their growth. There is a constant positive reinforcement to use words to communicate their wants and needs. Socialization starts to play a paramount role as qualities such as sharing, taking turns, and community play are developed. Basic math concepts such as grouping, sizing, and measurement are all introduced through hands on play like scenarios.

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3 years - 4 years

Their individuality shines at this age! Language becomes paramount and as such our dual language program is geared to making the most of it. They would have gained experience in following a routine and making decisions based on their interests. Teachers closely scaffold them as their knowledge, inquisition and deductive reasoning develops.

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4 years - 5 years

Guided by state standards yet uniquely interwoven through our creative hands on approach to learning, you can rest assured your child will be completely prepared to tackle the transition into Kindergarten.

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Enrichement Programs

2 years - 5 years


Irrespective of culture or ethnicity, it is widely agreed that moving to music is enjoyable for young children. Besides the physical benefits, dance offers numerous other benefits. An early year’s dance experience will help children to develop body control, coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Children also get to experience a range of gross motor movements and fine motor movements.

LNP Cooks it Up!

Let your little one enjoy the sensory rich experience of cooking. Measuring ingredients and being part of the magic of cooking allows them to appreciate what they are eating and understand where their food comes from. It helps picky eaters to expand their sense of taste and try new and exciting foods. Sharing their joy with teachers, classmates and parents who are eager to try their culinary creations is always a great byproduct!


The program is designed to allow the children the opportunity to work with a variety of media while learning about the different genre of arts. The use of open ended materials and recyclables removes the restrictions placed a child's way of thinking and creating, allowing them to develop problem solving skills and take their creativity to the next level. The teacher is a researcher, observer and scaffolds each child as they explore and express their thoughts using the materials; bringing the child's authenticity to each piece that is created.

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