EARLY TODDLER 1 year - 2 years

Helping children grow into individuals

Our toddler and early toddler class is designed to allow the child to gain confidence, social skills and develop each ones unique set of skills and interests through play and hands interaction. Utilizing recyclable materials and detail documentation, math concepts are made to be easily digestible, fine and gross motor skills are honed, investigative interests are peaked and creativity abounds. Learn Naturally Preschool monitors these key leaning areas by the use of observation based assessments; allowing you to see the growth of the child as an individual.

It is at this stage that key friendships start to develop and physical as well as emotional skills need to be considered within the daily learning curve.

Rest assured that our educators understand the intricacies of imparting learning through activities that feel like play and are geared to take advantage of your child’s interests.

Guide 1: Positive Reinforcement: 9 Things you shouldn’t say to your child
Guide 1: Positive Reinforcement: 9 Things you shouldn’t say to your child
There are no words to describe the amazing love, comfort and learning environment that my baby experiences at Learn Naturally Preschool. The teachers and directors always welcome the children with a smile. My 1 year old baby began at the preschool without knowing how to walk nor babbling, within a month with the encouraging and loving teachers my baby walks runs and even sings along to his favorite songs. My heart stays at ease every morning when I drop of my baby knowing he his receiving the best care.Melissa C. (Parent of Brandon)

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