NIDO 3 months - 12 months

We place a great deal of attention on our Nido program.

We value the level of trust placed in us by families and the need for children to build meaningful connections. Our educators are nurturing, have extensive knowledge and are carefully chosen specifically for this age group. We provide additional extensive training to our educators throughout the year to continually build on their educational knowledge and practices.

Our educators utilize your baby’s patterns for play, feeding and sleeping as a guide to introduce daily activities that will garner their interest and promote healthy brain development. Personal attention and interaction from our educators will help to develop cognitive and social skills.

Constant communication is maintained between educators and parents via in person class time as well daily reports about your child.

Guide 1: Positive Reinforcement: 9 Things you shouldn’t say to your child
Guide 1: Positive Reinforcement: 9 Things you shouldn’t say to your child
We enrolled our son at Learn Naturally Preschool this month; when he was 10 months old. The director and staff answered all of my many questions during the interview process and once we did drop him off the first day, they were very supportive, with tissue in hand, assuring us that our baby would be OK and that we could visit anytime to see how he was doing. And, they meant it! Every time I stopped by the first couple of days, they would check in on him and let me know how he was doing, and what he was doing – that extra bit of information gave it that special touch. I couldn’t be happier. The staff is incredible; especially the Nido teachers, whom are very loving and caring. Michelle & Lazaro C. (Parents of Aaron)

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