VPK 4 years - 5 years

Why our VPK program is unique and beneficial for your child’s educational success and preparation for Kindergarten

  • Students Leave Prepared

    The VPK graduates from Learn Naturally Preschool’s VPK have shown great gains and are typically prepared to enter any Kindergarten program of your choice.

  • Intimate Setting

    Learn Naturally Preschool’s VPK offers an intimate setting fostering individualized attention, enhance learning, better results, class becomes a community environment, and ideas can be easily shared; increasing student participation.

  • Experiences with Tangible Materials

    Learn Naturally Preschool provides experiences with real/tangible materials; allowing your child to learn using concrete objects while learning about math, science, language arts, socialization, and lifelong skills. Studies have proven that children learn best by doing through active learning.

  • Successful Past Graduates

    As per past graduates, most of our students have made it in Kindergarten Gifted programs when they have graduated from Learn Naturally Preschool; entering Kindergarten fully prepared.

  • Availability

    We also offer a variety of options which include days that are not typically available in other standard VPK programs. Feel free to inquire about our calendar in the making which outline those days.

  • Low Class Ratio

    Your child is definitely not lost in the crowd at Learn Naturally Preschool and benefits from a smaller school setting where everyone is important and part of a strong community.

Guide 1: Positive Reinforcement: 9 Things you shouldn’t say to your child
Guide 1: Positive Reinforcement: 9 Things you shouldn’t say to your child
My name is Jessenia Hernandez, my son Marcus has been in Learn Naturally Preschool since March 2018. When all the doors were closed on him, Learn naturally Preschool opened theirs in the nick of time. Through our collaboration and constant communication, Marcus is who he is today thanks to this amazing school and their outstanding staff. Once I saw the positive impact this school had on our family, I immediately enrolled my daughter Emmy. [...] Thank you for seeing what I saw in Marcus all along.Jessenia Hernandez (Parent of Marcus and Emmy)

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